9 Months Out & Already Wishing for More Time

Interesting week this week! 

This is going to be a quick update because we actually have 3 appointments during our preparation day time. Update: just kidding, they juked.

People that we're teaching:

Ana and Giancarlo (her son): 

We came for our appointment and they weren't home. So, we decided to stop by a member family who lives across the street. That turned out to be great because we haven't been able to get an appointment with that family in a while and they were both home. We taught a 20 minute lesson and then went back to Ana's house. She had gotten back, and even though Giancarlo was sleeping. It actually worked out really well because we were able to talk about her concerns more openly without her son there.

Kike (pronounced Kee-kay):

Really wants to turn his life around. Sent us a text asking for help, but keeps kicking our appointment down the road. I think it's because he feels a little bit embarrassed by the things he's going through. He's a super sweet guy, and isn't much older than I am. He genuinely wants to be happier, but just needs a bit of help. We've got an appointment set for 5 today, so I'll get an update on that. Please keep praying for him. 

Update: He moved to 8pm then rescheduled to tomorrow. Again. If he thinks he's going to get rid of us by just rescheduling over and over then he's going to have to keep doing it for a while. 


We were honestly planning on dropping him, because he seems to be progressing very very slowly. However, our last appointment with him was pretty good. At the beginning, there was a little bit of disagreement about the Plan of Salvation. Felipe said he doesn't believe that anyone can become perfect like God or Christ. There are actually some great scriptures that speak fairly explicitly about that in the Bible, so we took him through them and he was pretty accepting of it. He says he knows he needs to be baptized, but we can't get him to church because he works on Sundays. We committed him to try to get the two hours on Sunday morning off and come to church, but he didn't come. We're not exactly sure how to help him, but we're going to teach him about the commandments next so that he at least has a straightforward understanding that he's breaking one.

Dilena and her son (whose name we thought was Christian but it's actually Gelson?):

Weren't able to meet with them this week.


He had some questions on baptism, so we did a quick lesson with him focused on that. 

Our week: 


Taught Jason about baptism.


Got a call from some missionaries in Inglewood telling us that they'd volunteered us to move a member who was coming into our area. Turns out they're not actually in our area, nor in the English ward, but they were super nice so we had fun getting a refrigerator into the third floor of a storage unit complex.

Got juked by a guy, so we knocked next door on the door of a former named Charlie. I've heard he's super cool, but he hasn't responded at all and didn't answer the door.


Kike moved his appointment and our member appointment moved, so we went by Felipe because Kike lives in the same house. We taught Felipe a pretty good lesson on his porch. It was kind of funny, because as we were teaching him a lesson, a large group of Jehovah's Witnesses slowly walked by canvasing the area that we were in. They saw us teaching Felipe on the porch and skipped the house. 


Super fun day! The member who usually teaches English Class and his son were out of town, and asked if we could cover the class. However, we also had an appointment with an inactive member who we've been working with. In order to balance them both, we ended up going on splits. I went with the new senior couple in our area, Elder and Sister Harbertson, to English Class. Elder Rasband went with President Hess to go teach the member (it was his turn as I taught the last lesson on exchanges). It was really fun! I led English class and we practiced conversation and pronunciation.  Elder Rasband had a lot of fun taking President Hess to teach. President speaks French, but is learning Spanish, so he was bearing his testimony and sharing some scriptures. We took a group picture at the end of the night (photo cred to our neighbor's dad). 


During his brief exchange with Elder Rasband, President Hess talked about the fact that he'd like us to be doing more work with Facebook to find people for the whole mission. So, on Friday we just sat down and started trying to find people who were interested on Facebook for most of the day. We've got a better grip on things now: we usually knock doors for a while and then take a break to answer Facebook messages. 

We had a couple of appointments juke, but were able to teach Ana and Giancarlo as well as the member family that we had wanted to pass by. I was feeling pretty good, because after Ana didn't answer the first time, I felt impressed to go by that member family even though it was a weird time of the day. I'm glad I've got a companion who backs me up when I feel like I'm getting revelation, because we were going to leave when I was like "Should we stop by X family?" He said if I was feeling it that we should do it even though he was hesitant. I had had a few promptings earlier in the week that seemed to not turn out, so I was honestly starting to get discouraged. They commented after the lesson that we came at a "super lucky time" because they're rarely ever home at the same time before late as they both work two jobs. Then we got the bonus afterwards of being able to teach Ana because we went back. Trust promptings even if they seem not to turn out. It's for a reason. 


Some of the things that the mission office used weren't working. The APs called me to see if I could fix it. I ended up going into the code and managing to get things in order. 

We did some good knocking and some more Facebook contacting. 

We had a lesson with this lady named Yenni. She was pretty hesitant to let us in. She talked about how she loved the Bible and already reads it. I asked her if she was cool if we came and read the Bible with her. She agreed. We found out that the previous missionaries apparently made it sound like we don't believe in the Bible. I clarified that we very much do believe in the Bible, and we backed it up by teaching the lesson from the Bible. She was pretty recepetive. It ended up being like a 2 hour lesson (not recommended), because first question I asked her was "Who is God to you?" and she told us a 35-40 minute long summary of her life story centered around different spiritual moments in her life. Not sure if she's got enough interest to have us back, but it was definitely good to clear up her confusion and we taught a lot of principles.  

We met a really cool Jamaican guy named Winston. We talked to him for a bit and he said he'd take a Book of Mormon. He said that the reason that Usain Bolt is so fast is because he had a diet of good old Jamaican yellow yams. We felt bad because at the end we wanted a picture with him because he was so cool, but after we took the picture he assured us that he was an American citizen. We felt horrible that he thought we were immigration or something trying to take picture for records or something, and reassured him that we were missionaries. 


We had a man who's not a member give a talk in Sacrament meeting. The husband of the Relief Society President isn't a member, but was asked anyway to speak. We were pretty interested to see how it was going to go because he comes to church almost every week, but we haven't been able to go over there and teach them and missionaries haven't really had a lot of success teaching him in the past. Also because he had trained to be a Catholic Priest, and this was the first talk he was going to give in our church. It was really good! His family brought 3 different non-member friends to come see and they really enjoyed themselves. 

He had a 10 second moment of silence at the beginning of his talk for Memorial Day in remembrance of all of those who gave their lives for our freedom. He then gave a talk on how to better show our love for Jesus Christ, citing the story of Jesus and Lazarus and expounding on it. He tied it back into Memorial Day at the end. He talked about reading the Book of Mormon and the Bible. At the very end of it he just said "Que Dios les bendiga!" (God bless you all!) and walked off to his seat. It was pretty fun. 

That night we were supposed to have a bunch of different member appointments for our 2 hour power. However, pretty much all of them canceled or juked last minute so we just did a bunch of member stop-bys. At the last one, I felt like we should go to a certain member and we stopped by. A man answered the door and said she didn't live there. We were walking back to the car when I saw a man on the porch of a nearby house. I did a double take and then ran over to the house and up the porch steps while Elder Rasband internally questioned my sanity for a moment. I asked his name and he said it was Charlie. It was the Charlie from before that hadn't answered his door! 

We had a great conversation with him and his friend Vicente. Vicente is an older gentleman who knew a lot of Biblical verses, and then revealed that he doesn't know how to read. Charlie had a bunch of questions about the fact that we have a living prophet, which was explained by previous missionaries. Vicente stopped me talking about it by putting his hand on my knee and looking me in the eyes very seriously (which he did several times throughout the course of the conversation in regard to various topics). He said "I don't believe in prophets. Only in Jesus Christ. He is light and life, and there is none other than Him." I tried to explain that there are tons of prophets in the Bible. The Bible was written by prophets. As I explained, he placed his hand on my knee again and looked me in the eyes very seriously again, and explained again that he didn't believe in any prophets. One of my favorite exchanges of the conversation followed:

I asked him if he knew who Moses was. He said he did. I told him that was awesome! I asked him who Moses was to him. He gave me a blank stare for a long moment. 

"A prophet." 

The conversation went great. Elder Rasband powerfully explained authority and the need for it. Frequently, Vicente would put his hand on my knee to stop the conversation and ask us a question that he had. For example, "I'm going to ask you a question I have, and I want you to listen to it, and then answer it: We need to be baptized in order to receive salvation from sin. Yes or no?" 

We would answer: "Yes, we believe that baptism is an important step in the Gospel of Jesus Christ." 

Then he would give us a short round of applause of agreement before again grabbing my knee for another clarification question:

"Are you Jehovah's Witnesses?'


"Oh, good, I thought this whole time that you were Jehovah's Witnesses," etc.

By the end, Elder Rasband was talking to Charlie, and I was talking to Vicente. They were both very impressed. Vicente wanted to know where are church was. He asked if we baptize again, and I told him that we do and let him know that if he would like to be baptized, we were happy to help him get there. He said that he felt that one has to prepare first, and I told him that our job as missionaries was to help people do just that. He said that his father had died in the Gospel and that he hoped to be able to accept it himself.  Meanwhile, Charlie was so impressed while talking to Elder Rasband that he invited us over again to "talk for 3 or 4 hours and eat pupusas." 

Anyway,  that's a summary of our week! We're excited for the coming week and working hard. I've been learning a lot this transfer that a lot of times, promptings only come when they really need to and we're left do to our best for the rest of the time. We always pray for guidance, of course. However as I've been more confident in myself, in doing what I think is right and following promptings when I get them (instead of trying to wait for a prompting for everything), I've seen more miracles. 

In essence, the Spirit is less like a GPS--which tells you directly step-by-step what turn to take or when to keep going straight to get to where you want to go--and more like road signs--which you have to look for while you're driving, leave it up to you to follow them, and are usually only found where they're needed or where there's potential danger ahead. When we see them, it's obviously very important that we follow their directions exactly to get where you want to go and avoid problems. 

If you're worried that you're not getting promptings when you're doing everything you're supposed to to get them, it may be that God trusts you to handle this part of the drive by yourself based on the knowledge you've already been given. Like Elder Bednar said: "Quit worrying about it!" Just "be a good boy or a good girl" and do the things you need to in order to be able to vigilantly watch for direction that comes. Then, have the faith that He'll give you that direction you need to get where you want to go. 

That's my spiritual thought for this week. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

I love you all! Talk to you next week!

Elder Kai Reyes

Small Weekly Email

I've had a really good week! Things are picking up a little bit. We picked up a few new people this week that I'm excited about. One was Kike (Key-kay) who is a boss and just a super sweet guy who wants to change his life. He was waiting at the door for us to arrive and was all smiles telling us about how he feels so much better praying every night. The other is Ana and her son Giancarlo who had a baptismal date before and are referrals from the Relief Society President. 

Elder Rasband and I still click really well and we both work really hard. We got a new Senior Couple in our branch which will be awesome. They're super nice. They're going to be working in the office so we'll probably go train them in some different things there this week. 

The weather has been pretty great here which is nice. People are a lot more friendly when it's sunny outside. It's also much easier to contacting when everyone's out and about. 

I went on exchange again this week with our Zone Leader Elder Kim, who's dying (going home) at the next transfer. It was pretty fun. Two little kids wanted to help us knock doors and hand out pass-along cards while we were knocking their street. They were showing us different peoples' houses and knocking the doors. They were running up to people and handing them cards. It was hot outside and towards the end they disappeared and reappeared with Otter Pops for us. 

We had a member who told us that because of our lesson and advice to her, she's going to get her patriarchal blessing, which was super cool. 

All the members loved my bag too which was awesome.

Doing lots of member work, had interviews with President Hess, so that was good.

We were feeling pretty bummed last night because we finally were able to make contact with this less active who was a super strong member before and fellowshipped like 25 people, most of whom are also members now. He basically said he knows he's going to come back some day but just distanced himself from the church. He said he still has a testimony of everything and doesn't really have a reason for leaving. He said that he's not coming back right now though. He doesn't even want us to visit him. He's a young guy, and it was super sad. He said the only thing wrong that he's doing is not coming to church.

Were gonna keep working on him.


Transfer Time

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you're all getting through your Monday pretty well!

This week was pretty fun. We ate spicy ramen, stood up President Hess at a lesson, and finished this transfer working hard. The transfer call was on Saturday night and we're both staying in the area and are super excited. We got super psyched and were high-fiving when we found out. This transfer is going to be super awesome. 

We're finally almost done with all of the Facebook stuff that we were doing so we have more time to focus on the branch and finding new people, which is honestly awesome. I've grown a lot this transfer and can't wait for another. I've finally started to get the hang of setting goals and being accountable. I've been setting much better goals, and I've been seeing a lot more motivation when I have my goals right in front of me and I take time to measure how I did at the end of the day. I've made several spreadsheets to keep track of how well I'm doing in all my different goals. 

One thing that's interesting this coming transfer is that our district will now just be Spanish missionaries because the First Presidency wants to try to group languages for districts. That means our District Councils will be in all Spanish and I'll have to do training and conduct the meeting in Spanish now. 

We've got some cool people that we're working with. We found this guy named Edgar who went to school with the Branch President. He told us he was Catholic, and then summarized his beliefs—which were all very different than Catholic beliefs—and asked us which church was true, so I think he could use some guidance in his life right now. He has a really great knowledge of the Bible and loves reading from it. We blew his mind by showing him that there are books that are mentioned in the Bible that aren't contained in it (Jasher, Iddo, Nathan, etc.). We've got an appointment with him tonight. It seems like he's got a lot of promise. 

We're still working with the Acosta family, but they totally juked us yesterday. That was unfortunate because President Hess wanted to come to an appointment with us and we told him that they'd be super solid. Then we got the text from her like 15 minutes before he was set to meet us at their house. We sent him a text to tell him not to come and went back to what we were doing, then realized as he called us that the text never sent. So he was basically just chilling out in front of their house waiting for us, which was super embarrassing. We're probably going to bring him cookies or something.

We had to take Felipe off of his baptismal date because even though he's finally reading, he doesn't super understand what we're teaching him and we want him to fully understand what he's doing. 

Today we had a great time going through different historical sites from the Revolutionary war. I'll put some pics on. 

Spiritual thought this week is about the Plan of Salvation, which is a lesson we've taught a few times this week. It clicks with so many people. If God is our Loving Heavenly Father it makes sense that he'd want us to be happy and help lead us to happiness. We've been showing a lot of people the video "Earthly Father, Heavenly Father". It's been cool to watch the dads connect the fact that God loves us like they love their kids. My invitation is that if you ever feel that God isn't there or doesn't love you, to kneel and ask him. I promise that you'll feel of that love. 

I leave that promise in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I love you all! Hope you're doing well!

Another Quick Update

This week was pretty great! It was awesome to have people so focused on Christ with Easter. We had a lot of fun this week in making some trainings about how to use Facebook to talk to people as missionaries, as well as contacting people in fun new ways.

One of the companionships in our district challenged us to sing with 3 people that we contacted, so we did! We sang Jesus Es Mi Luz with a man who we contacted who turned out to be a less active member of the church. The missionary who taught him most passed away fairly recently, and so when we let him pick the hymn, he chose that one because he used to sing it with her. It was a really amazing moment to sing the hymn together with this man and see how many memories it brought back for him as he sang the words. 

We had another contact where we sang Asombro Me Da (I Stand All Amazed). We had seen him around before and just walked up and asked him if he wanted to sing a hymn with us. He was totally down and it was hilarious because there were a ton of other people by us, and he wasn't exactly sure what was happening, but he felt the Spirit and gave us his phone number and address to come visit him. 

We've also got another challenge currently out from another companionship that is to get someone we're contacting to do a push-up with us and talk about Faith. It's honestly been refreshing to have some variety.

We're still teaching Felipe, though he's not showing a ton of progress (though he finally did read). We're also teaching the Claros-Acosta family and the Canterero family.

That's pretty much it for this one! Spiritual thought this week is about Easter. We have a lot of people who talk about how much faith in Christ they have, but then balk at doing the things that they need to do because they feel like it will be to hard. I just bear my testimony that if Christ could overcome death, then he has power to overcome the challenges that we face everyday in our progression towards God.

Love you all!

Elder Kai Reyes

Quick Update

Time just keeps going faster and faster. I feel like I'm going to be home before I know it, so I've been working hard. 

Quick update on some of the people that we're teaching that y'all can pray for:

The Claros-Acosta family: super cool! We taught them an official lesson this week and they were pretty psyched. They want us back on Sunday.

Felipe: One of his family members is in the hospital right now, so we're mostly trying to support him.


Juana: Came to Conference and loved it! She thought it was super beautiful and has basically been defending us to her anti coworkers.

We're trying to do more work with the members and show our love for them more. We're really good at calling people to repentance. Right now we're trying to help them feel how we're doing it because we love them. We're bringing some cookies to some of the members right now. 

Conference was awesome! Lots of talks about preparing for more persecution which was interesting to me. The quote about not being able to survive spiritually without the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost was brought up like 4 times. 

Spiritual thought this week is about the Book of Mormon. We've been reading a bunch of different scriptures to people highlighting all of the Books that are referenced in the Bible that aren't included in it. If you want references to those scriptures, please let me know! After gaining a testimony of Christ, a testimony of the Book of Mormon is really the way to know that this is Christ's church. We talk with so many people who are confused and have no idea which church is right, but aren't willing to read it and find the clarity within. They identify that what they're currently doing isn't bringing them direction in their lives, but aren't willing to try something different. If they want different results, they need to make a change in their lives. Even with members sometimes it's the same. I'm so grateful for this guide that we have. 

Every now and then, we can totally pray and try to renew our testimony or ask for a renewed witness from God of it. I highly recommend it even if things are going well! It's like changing the oil in your car. Even if it's running well right now, it just ensures that everything is flows even more smoothly. 

We were also really psyched about the new temples in Honduras and Chile! We have a lot of Hondurans here, and it's great to see how excited they are about their families being able to go!

That's the quick update! Hope everyone has a great week!

Included below: This great tiny park where it is legally prohibited to play anything but baseball.

Baseball Field_Moment.jpg
Baseball Field_Moment2.jpg

Motown Chapter 2

Hi everyone! Happy April Fools!

The last couple weeks have been great! We've been working really hard and trying to clean out our records and getting our District and Zone hyped up.

My new companion, Elder Rasband (Answer to your question: yes, his grandpa's cousin), is awesome. He loves golfing, shooting, and is a really powerful teacher. He's from Alpine Utah. He's pretty straightforward and great at focusing on priorities instead of dancing around issues. We're doing a lot of good work.   

This week we had a lot of passing by people who had been taught by missionaries before and trying to filter out who was interested and who wasn't from the people that we were teaching. We've cut a lot of people out. 

We found a couple of awesome families this week though! We're super excited because they seem very prepared and also cook really good baleadas. 

I also contacted a guy in Russian this week. He and his friend are from Ukraine and we got his friend's contact info and gave him a Ukrainian Book of Mormon! 

We're really excited for Conference this week! We're going to try to get some people to watch it with us!

We went mini-golfing today and it was super fun! Elder Rasband loves golf so we dressed up in our golf gear and went out, but their course was pretty muddy so we went for some mini-golf instead. I'm terrible at golfing, but not bad at mini-golf, so I had a ton of fun and actually pulled out a W. 

Other than that, I'm doing really well! I'm gearing up for this week when we're going to start finding more people really hard. I'm really psyched to work. 

Big email next week post-conference!

Have a great week! 


The Bieb Room

Hello all!

This week had some fun crazy highlights and some awesome miracles!

This week we had exchanges with the English Elders. I was in the English area with Elder Lacanienta while Elder Taggart and Elder Winters had some cool miracles in our area.

Elder Lacanienta told me that I met all the weirdest people that they know. I can't tell if he was excited about that or apologetic. I had a great time.

We got a call from a less active member for "help moving a table," so we went over to his house after lunch. His walls (and ceilings) are plastered with posters of Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Seinfield, and hundreds of other celebrities. He has the pictures of all of the missionaries who have been to his house up as well. He has a specific room affectionately called the "Bieb Room" with even more Bieber memorabilia including cardboard cutouts and signed Jerseys. Turns out he needed help moving the table so that he could put a ladder in its place. This was because he had just acquired a glorious new poster of Justin Bieber, and wanted to mount it to the ceiling of said "Bieb Room". He was struggling, and a rather short fellow, so he insisted that yours truly do the honors. So, I struggled for like 20 minutes trying to tack a poster of Justin Bieber to this man's ceiling. I will attach pictures. He gave me a signed picture of himself as a child. 


We had an amazing miracle while on exchange. We had been knocking gringo doors all day which was pretty discouraging. We had a loose appointment at the end of the night and when we got there he had juked. Another guy answered the door and told us he wasn't interested and couldn't receive us anyway because he was eating dinner with his family. We asked if he knew anyone else that might be interested in our message, and he pointed out a couple of houses. We went to the first one and knocked it. A guy came out and said that he couldn't listen to our message right now because he was just sitting down with his family for dinner. We were persistent, and bore testimony about the importance of our message and how it could help his family and help him find more happiness. He thought for a moment and said:

"Well... are you hungry?" 

We said, "Absolutely!" 

So we went in and taught his family (his wife spoke Spanish and had recently seen 17 Miracles and loved it). 

As we left, he walked us to the door and told us "I feel like God has been speaking to me a lot recently. He says 'no' a lot when I'm messing up, but he also says 'go help this person' or 'go do that'. It's been very humbling." 

I asked him "I have a question. Did he tell you to let us in?"

He thought for a moment and then nodded, "I know he did."

It was a miracle for me.  

We also had a District P-day today which was awesome! We went bowling and got Peruvian food which was awesome!

Other fun things:

We saw a really unsubtle, over-complicated drug deal yesterday.

Elder Taggart accidentally knocked the nose off of a porcelain garden gnome, and then had to explain it to the Latino whose house it was (he doesn't speak Spanish).

We found some really cool people this week:

Margot (pronounced MarGOAT):

Elder Winters and Elder Taggart found this lady who practically wants to baptize herself right now. She was asking them about a lot of different doctrinal topics. Do you do baptisms? Yes we do! Do you pay tithing? Yes we do! Do you keep the commandments? Yes we do!


Sergio called us out of the blue and said that he wants help in having more light in his life. Apparently the last Elders taught him twice, and then he told them that he wasn't very interested. He told us that he is willing to do whatever he needs to feel more peace and less darkness in his life and that he thought of the past Elders as soon as he started going through hard times because he knew they were real messengers of God. He said he knows that we can help him and that we're angels sent from God to help him in this time of his life, and he wants to get closer to God. He also told us that he needs our help, because he just got a new tattoo that he feels really bad about getting and wants our help finding a place that he can get it laser removed because he doesn't speak English very well. He seems very humble and very repentant right now, and I just want to help him feel better.

Cristian: Came to church again! 

Today's spiritual thought is about miracles. The miracles that we've seen this week have been really great, especially during the hard times of lots and lots of rejections. We've been trying some different finding approaches too which is fun. 

I promise that miracles still happen. Satan tends to attack us right before they happen, so a lot of the time they come right after we push through when things seem super hard or we feel really bad. If you're having a really bad morning, it's probably because something really incredible is about to happen.

I bear that as my testimony as something that I've learned out here from a lot of experience, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

See you all next week! 

Elder Kai Reyes

received_1251289651685921 (1).jpeg


Hi everyone! Follow me on Instagram @kaickreyes. It'll be in Spanish, but you can keep up with what I'm doing (end of advertisement).

The last few weeks have flown by and I feel like there haven't been too many stand-out things that happened, but we've definitely been seeing miracles every day, big and small. A lot of them have just been in getting put in just the right place and the right time to help someone who needed it, or contacting someone and having them have prior experience with our message and wanting to know more. 

This week was good! I got to bear my testimony to some people we're teaching during fast and testimony meeting on Sunday.

Some people we're teaching:

Eduar and Delmi - They've been doing super great. They've come to church a few times and loved the "Come Follow Me" curriculum so far in Sunday School. Their kids love church and the other kids there.

Felipe - He's the one whose son's dog attacked Elder Winters. We went back over this week and the dog came down the stairs and tried to attack Elder Winters again. Luckily, this time he was prepared and fended the dog off with his back for a moment until it could be restrained. We're still both a little jumpy around dogs. 

Cristian - Despite strongly not believing in God the first time that we talked to him, he's come to church more than pretty much anyone else. He didn't come this week, but has been in touch with us and had some good conversations with the members last week about some doubts.

This week's email is titled repentance for a couple reasons. The first is because I've been terrible at emailing and I'm repenting of that. That means that I'm going to stop being terrible at emailing and do better in the future. 

Second: that's literally how easy repentance is. It's taking something that you can do better and changing it. It's better to prioritize the big things so that you can be a better person faster, but if we're doing that every day, we're getting closer to being perfect like Christ, and that's what this Gospel is about.

I had some thoughts about pride during my studies this week. I realized that pride isn't just believing oneself to be better than another, but is believing that we don't have any room to grow. It is believing that we are already as good as we need to be, and we don't need to improve at all. That's not to say that we're not already a good person, or doing good things, but just that if we believe that we've already fulfilled our potential then we're robbing ourselves of the improvement that we could have through learning and growing even more. Pride is believing that we either cannot or do not need to repent any longer. That can easily stop us in God's plan of becoming better and better until we can be like Him. It is also saying that we don't need the Atonement of Christ in our lives, because he atoned in order to enable usto repent and change. 

I've learned and grown so much throughout my life and my mission. If I had just said in elementary school that I didn't need anymore knowledge, or any more maturity, I'd be missing out on a lot of things that I have right now. 

I encourage all of us, whether it's something big or small, to pick something that we can improve on tomorrow and follow through. If we're doing that every day, then we're getting closer and closer to our Savior.

That's my testimony, and I share that in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

I'll do better next week, and hopefully have some better stories, but for this week, enjoy these pictures attached pictures of the Rainbow Unicorn Face Masks that Elder Winters and I did to unwind one night. And also the fairy lights he set up. We lifted too though to keep it macho. :)

¡Hasta pronto!


Big Dogs

Quick update this week! 


It honestly flew by, and

I don't even remember half of it. However, we've been having a great time. Elder Winters and I have been working hard trying to get our Gospel-oriented chatbot up for our Facebook page, searching for Spanish-speakers to teach around this area, and have also been tasked with finding a venue for (the chapel doesn't work) and starting an English class here in Morristown. 

It was great to be able to Skype the family today and talk to them about everything I'm doing. Everyone has been so supportive

Some of the people we're teaching:

Jose: Jose is the most animated person I've ever met. He speaks super enthusiastically always, and is super duper excited about everything especially about God. We could use some prayers for him for getting some more time to meet with us because he's been a little bit flaky despite loving everything we're teaching him and being good friends with us.

Eduar and Yohana: An amazing couple who hadn't been super interested before, but I finally met them this week and they were very attentive and told us that they wanted to come to church. They did, and they and their family really enjoyed it. 

Elgar: We thought Elgar blocked us, but we passed by and he was super excited to see us. His number had been changed because his sister owned the phone plan, but he immediate gave us a new one and wanted us to teach him more, which was great.

Felipe: Felipe keeps bringing up the things that we're about to teach him moments before we start doing it. He told us that he feels like he has a lot of studying to do. We had a great lesson with him yesterday.


Crazy Story:

During Felipe's lesson, we heard loud barking coming from the stairs and thundering steps coming down. Felipe's little poodle hid, and Felipe's son's Pit Bull came down the stairs and started charging us. He stopped for a moment, and suddenly jumped on Elder Winters and bit his arm before they could pull him off. Elder Winters is fine, he's just got little bit of a torn shirt and some bite marks on his arm (see pictures). In fact, the lesson went so well that as we were walking back to the car he turned to me and said "Well, that was almost too easy!" I then reminded him that he had just been bit by a large dog. He's a great sport.

Spiritual Thought: 

This week's spiritual thought comes from 2 Nephi 2:27. Basically we've been talking a lot about how everything is fairly black and white. We're responsible for ourselves and our own learning. We've been talking a lot to people about how it's great that they talk big talk, but they have to actually do what they're saying they're going to do to have it mean anything. I love how simple and clear the Gospel can be. 

I hope you're all well! I'll have a longer update next week after our Half Mission Conference for sure! 

Greenie Moves

This week was kind of insane.

This city can be so absurd sometimes, and I absolutely love it.

Here's a summary of my week:

1. Elder Hansen turned 19! He's so young!

2. One of the people who was interviewed to be baptized last week gave us a heart attack by disappearing.

3. My family had Jackie Chan over for dinner in Utah. 

4. We baptized two people yesterday!

Let's start from the beginning:

Elder Hansen turned 19!

¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

I'm terrible at baking, but managed to make a cake out of a box (with some assistance). He's a super solid guy, and an incredibly hard working missionary. Trying to keep up with him while biking up hills evokes memories that are a mix between Scouting experiences and rugby conditioning. I've learned a ton from him this transfer!

Being a missionary in terms of age is weird, because back home everyone treated me like I was super young (rightly so). Here however, you'd think I was absolutely ancient. With all the missionaries fresh out of high school, the people who I interact with are 18 or 19 and practically think that people over 20 are part of a different generation. 


One of the people who got interviewed for baptism last week, sent us a message saying that she overheard a malicious neighbor planning to push her down the stairs or plant drugs in her apartment to try to get rid of her (she's a sweet old lady who definitely does not do drugs).

 We tried to contact her to get clarification, but she never responded. We tried contacting her several times throughout the day, and couldn't reach her.

Then, the first counselor contacted us to ask if the baptisms were secure for Sunday, and we had to explain that one of them was confirmed, but that we weren't sure about the second. We had to explain that we were still trying to make sure she was okay and also not wrongfully arrested for drug possession. 

Fortunately, the next morning she called us and said everything was fine. She had left the city for a little while, but was back and excited to meet with us again. She was able to be baptized yesterday! More on that in a bit.


Meanwhile, at home, my family has been sending me updates because apparently Jackie Chan literally came to visit my family. I have no desire to leave the mission field anytime soon, but it was definitely hard to accept that my family sat down for dinner with a legend like Jackie Chan and I wasn't even there! People on the mission didn't believe me until I showed them the photo of him with my family. I'll attach that if you don't believe me.

Finally, to top off the week, I was able to personally baptize two people, and the first person that I had personally found and taught! This email is called "Greenie Moves" because we made several during the course of the baptism. Number one was forgetting to take any pictures, so apologies right off the bat for that one. Number two was that I forgot to bring a spare shirt to the baptism, so I just had to go without a shirt and tie (in my sweater) until we managed to get home two hours later. Expect some pictures next week, though! 

Danny and Mayra were the two people who were baptized yesterday and who will be confirmed next week. Despite being run by two fairly new missionaries, the Spirit was really strong during the meeting, and it was a beautiful moment for me to be able to personally help these amazing individuals out of the water and see how much they'd changed since we first met them. Alma talks about becoming "new creatures" by baptism, and it I have an even stronger personal witness of the power that repentance and baptism have to change the course of someone's life.

The story of finding and teaching Danny is really amazing, and I'll put it in my email next week along with the pictures so that you have a face to put it with.

Overall, this week was really amazing. I thought last night after it was all done that the craziness in Passaic had been used up. Of course, then last night we knocked into a deaf teenager's house, a house answered by a completely naked child who asked us, "What do you want," and a man who answered our "How are you?" with "Eating pineapple." and then ate pineapple through a 30 minute conversation about how he had tried all of the different churches in the world. 

I love New Jersey.

Spiritual thought this week is about prayer and faith. We've been teaching a lesson about how simple and powerful faith is. We know the sun will rise tomorrow even though we haven't seen it because it's happened a million times before. Through scripture study, we also know that God has made miracles happen millions of times before. We were reading Hebrews 11 and talking about how if Moses could part a sea, Daniel could tame a lion, David could slay Goliath, all using faith, that don't you think we could get help overcoming a financial problem? A difficult family situation? Even just feeling down for a day or misplacing something small?

The attached scripture from Mormon talks about the promise that with enough faith, Heavenly Father will answer any doubt that we have through prayer. I challenge all of us to think about something that we're struggling with and bring it before our Heavenly Father.

I testify that if we have enough faith, enough belief that we will receive an answer, that we will receive an answer.


Elder Reyes



Merry Christmas everyone!

This week has been really great! The last couple of weeks, really, since I didn't send anything out last week. My bad. 
This week saw a baptism, a new transfer, and of course the rapid approach of Christmas! I still can't believe it's Christmas Eve!

This week I said goodbye to many missionary friends who left to be home right now as the greatest Christmas present that their families could ever ask for. Elder Berrett, Elder Ochoa, Sister Smith, and my beloved trainer Elder Sansom: shout out to you guys for an amazing beginning to this mission for me. I've already learned so much!

On Tuesday I welcomed my new companion Elder Hansen to Passaic. He's currently fasting from speaking English for 40 days in order to learn Spanish better. Day one was the day he arrived in Passaic. He's a great guy. He's constantly hustling, and brought a massive amount of food and cooking supplies so we can eat well when we're not making calls, talking to people on the street, and knocking doors (usually at the same time). He's from Bountiful Utah, and came straight out of high school despite having been accepted to MIT.

Todays email is called "Signs" for a couple of reasons. The baptism that we had last week was for a boy whose mother is deaf, and so we've been working through an interpreter in order to let her be involved in the lessons so she can help him continue to learn at home. He was confirmed yesterday, and we've had a great time getting to know him and his family and learning a little bit of ASL ourselves!

The other reason is for the spiritual thought. When we were teaching messages for Christmas, we would share this passage from Matthew: 

9 When they had heard the king, they departed; and, lo, the star, which they saw in the east, went before them, till it came and stood over where the young child was.

10 When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.

We talked about how prophets came from other lands to see the baby Jesus. We also talked about how the star in the sky was a sign of his birth and guided them. Then, we read from 3 Nephi 1: 

20 And it had come to pass, yea, all things, every whit, according to the words of the prophets.

21 And it came to pass also that a new star did appear, according to the word.

We explain that not only were there prophets in the Americas with the Nephites, they too saw the star in the sky as a sign of Christ's birth. It's amazing to me to think that even though they were on completely different sides of the world, that star was a sign of hope and joy for so many different people.

I encourage us all to look for the signs in our lives from our Heavenly Father this Christmas season. On my mission I've learned that he guides us almost everywhere we go as long as we let him. Big or small, these signs will help us achieve happiness and peace if we heed their messages.

For your entertainment, and to illustrate that sometimes following the signs of men is dangerous (as opposed to those from God), here are some funny signs that I've seen here in Passaic attached as photos. One of them is incorrect in two different languages, which is impressive.

Merry Christmas all! I look forward to talking to you again on the 31st.

-Elder Reyes


Light The World

Happy Holidays everyone! I apologize for not being more on top of things in terms of writing emails the last few weeks, but our preparation days have been packed! 

Funny Story/Spiritual Thought: 
Today's spiritual thought is accompanied by a funny story: We've been doing a lot of coding things in order to try to help out the mission, which includes a lot of website modifications with a browser add-on that we run so that we can hide some of the more distracting parts of Facebook for the missionaries who use Facebook to meet new people. That means that Elder Sansom has been teaching me a lot about how websites work and how to find the parts you need to be able to change them. The Church is having an amazing Light The World initiative where some ideas are provided on their website on how you can serve your community, your family, and build your faith. On the website is a button with a ticker that counts how many people are committed to helping #LightTheWorld! While on the website looking around, our natural programming curiosity took hold, and we found out that the button you click to commit is actually very easy to change. 

Usually you can only click it once because it locks up, but we found out that it was pretty easy to change the button to let you pledge again. Then we wrote a super short code that clicked the button, made the button clickable again, and then clicked the button again. We thought it was pretty cool that we were able to watch the ticker go up pretty quickly, because the code clicked the button once every 20 milliseconds. 

This was all fun and games until we some people showed up for the English class we teach. We ran out to go set up and help them and forgot to turn off the code that increased the ticker! When we got back from English class, we realized our mistake. 

The ticker, which was at 700,000ish people when we started was at 1.3 million when we returned! We accidentally accounted for 600,000 people pledging to the cause! The next morning, when we returned to the chapel, the ticker had been reset down to 700,000ish, the button was disabled for everyone in the world, and the computer we were using to do the code with was banned from Mormon.org! Luckily, we have since been unbanned and the ticker now works again. 

Where's the spiritual thought in this? Since I messed up the ticker for a while, I feel that it's only fair that I get some of the people on this email list to go on and commit to Light The World this Holiday season! So please, click the link below and pledge to do something good this Christmas!

It's got some great videos and resources to help make the season about Christ and serving others like him. It's got some really fun ideas that you can use to do some service to bring joy to people in your community, in your family, and throughout the world! 

The scripture for this season, and that we've focused on here in the mission is from 3 Nephi 12 where Christ is speaking to the Nephites. Verses 14-16 are I think a better version of Matthew 5:14-16: 

14 Verily, verily, I say unto you, I give unto you to be the light of this people. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.

15 Behold, do men light a candle and put it under a bushel? Nay, but on a candlestick, and it giveth light to all that are in the house;

16 Therefore let your light so shine before this people, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven.

I love how it says to let your light so shine before this people. Specifically those around us. by seeing the goodness that we show to them, they can see all the other good that is in the world that Heavenly Father has given us.

How I'm Doing: 

I'm doing good! I've had a really hacking cough for about three weeks, and just got put on antibiotics today, so I'm excited to finally be able to laugh or sing without breaking into coughing. I'm feeling really weird completing training and getting a new companion once Elder Sansom leaves to go home to his family next week. I'm definitely nervous to lead out this area with such little time under my belt, but I've seen a lot of miracles here, and I can't wait to keep going.

How the People We Teach Are Doing:

We've had some ups and downs this week! Two weeks ago, we had 4 people ask us to be baptized. All of them asked usAnother wanted to be baptized as well, but we haven't been able to officially set a date. 

Unfortunately, this week there were some definite roadblocks that happened. One of the families had their grandmother pass away in Mexico, so they left to go there. Another one of the people who wants to be baptized got a job with one of the members of the church but hasn't shown up to work besides one day this week, which we think is why he didn't come to church (because he was scared to see the member). The two super solid Colombians that we were teaching also juked church. We're continuing forward with faith and trusting that things will work out as long as we keep doing everything we can.

Love you all! Have an amazing Christmas!

-Elder Kai Reyes


1-2. This guy using a super cool custom car antenna

2-3. Passaic parking enforcement is not super feeling the Spirit of Christmas.

4. Some Lomo Saltado that I made myself! I  Peruvian food!

5. Mobbing with Elder Fletcher while Elder Sansom is on his Statue of Liberty trip (for missionaries who are leaving). (I had to explain what "mobbing" means to Elder Sansom. Not sure if he gets it yet haha)

6. We were craving Dominican food today and ended up running into some Dominicans who were baptized in the D.R.! They wanted us to come visit (with Elder Fletcher).

7. Worldwide Day of Service on the streets of Paterson.

Walking Your Microwave

Happy Monday!

I've been really bad at emailing the last couple of weeks because our P-days have been super busy, so hopefully I can make up for that today! I'm also going to try a new format to be a little bit more concise and remember more things that happened! Here's the new format:

1. Spiritual Thought

2. How I'm Doing

3. How the People I'm Teaching Are Doing

4. What I'm Learning

5. Funny Stories

So, without further ado:

Spiritual Thought:

This month we're doing a "Light the Mission" which is kind of a lead-up to the "Light the World" campaign that the Church does every Christmas. The purpose is to share what miracles we've seen during our mission to help build faith and see the ways that we're being helped as we go about our day. We did a conference call last week and everyone talked about the miracles they've seen. It was really cool to hear miracles that other people experienced in the mission as well as to be able to reflect on the ones that I'd seen personally.

This week we've had many little miracles that we've caught and probably many more that slipped by us, but I've been trying to be better at writing them down so I can remember them. As we get into the Thanksgiving season, I'd just like to invite everyone to start to do the same. At the end of the day, just writing down the miracles that happened has really helped me see more easily the pattern of the blessings I've received as consequence of our efforts. It gives a lot of great things to be thankful for, which is what November's all about!

2 Nephi 27:23:
23 For behold, I am God; and I am a God of miracles; and I will show unto the world that I am the same yesterday, today, and forever; and I work not among the children of men save it be according to their faith.

How I'm doing:

I'm still doing great! It's been getting really cold out, so I'm starting to miss Utah's lack of humidity. 
People have also been really worried about my eating habits since my email about the pretzels. I would like to clarify that I have not been subsisting solely on pretzels for the last month, and have been eating a lot of different fruits and veggies and chicken. I am not sponsored by any pretzel company. 
I will definitely accept any recipes that people want to send, especially if they're quick and easy  because I'm trying to be more creative with a 30 minute lunch break and an hour long dinner break.

What I'm learning:

I've learned a lot in the last 3 weeks!

One thing that's been very cool to see is the difference in peoples lives once they start keeping commitments and they start actually reading and praying. We've had several different people we're teaching and less-active members who were really cold, and anxious, and hesitant to make appointments with us or spent most of the appointment talking about the bad things in their life suddenly do a 180 after they start reading daily and praying about it. We had one particularly crabby older gentleman who was a member who was bitter that it seemed people had forgotten him and was going through some really rough personal issues. We finally got him to commit to read daily for a week (after almost a month of meeting with him weekly), and he really lit up! He was jovial and giving us food and came to a ward party! 
Another thing I've learned is about the value of personal revelation. Elder Sansom is a really knowledgeable guy when it comes to doctrinal topics (and a lot of other topics), so I tend to ask a lot of questions. A lot of times, with more important matters, he'll have me just pray about it myself, which I initially thought was mostly just a way to differ questions. However, after receiving a lot of answers that specifically address everything I wanted to know with the question. I'm starting to just go directly to prayer.

I'm also learning a lot of practical things in terms of when to talk to people. I'm becoming a lot more proficient at understanding the different beliefs of other religions in our are, as well as learning about and connecting with the diverse cultures of the people here. What cities in Ecuador like Qui, which ones think it's disgusting; the different areas of Mexico and cities and their foods, etc. We just had a "Noche de Hispanidad" which was a super fun ward party where all the different countries brought food and performed traditional songs or dances. I'm learning the different "mottos" of the countries and their flags. It's a good time!

I'm also learning a lot of programming stuff!

How the people I'm teaching are doing:

Mayra: Something happened in her family, and she's taking a trip back to the Dominican Republic for a month! That was kind of a bummer because she came to church for the third time and has been super strong at keeping commitments. She called us when she got to the airport and she wants to go to church there in the DR while she's gone. Depending on where she ends up, I might end up sending my own brother a referral! 
Wander: Juked us on one appointment. We haven't been able to contact him since, but we've also been pretty bad about trying to stop by and see him. We're going to try to stop by one more time.

Marlon and Eliana: The two amazingly prepared Colombians who we were teaching! We talked to Eliana once last week, but I couldn't understand what she was saying through the phone and Elder Sansom was gone on exchange so we don't know what she said. We haven't been able to contact her, but we had a lesson with Marlon solo and he said she's good, but her toddler might have broken her phone. He's working more now which is hard, but also good because he was initially going to just stay for a month in the States, but he's working because he wants to stay longer!

We've picked up another couple part-member families and got an amazing text out of the blue from someone the missionaries before us were teaching but who we lost contact with asking if we could come back and teach her family! 

Funny Stories:

We were standing on this guy named Jamaal's porch, talking to him for a bit when this girl slipped out of his house and down the stairs past us. He seemed confused for a sec but we kept talking for about 5 minutes. He slowly became more and more distracted throughout the conversation and we asked him if everything was alright. He went inside and got his phone and told us something was going on with his girlfriend, and that he'd be back in a second and walked down the stairs and walked down the block to the end of the street looking around and then started coming back slowly and sending a lot of texts. We came down the stairs and asked if everything was okay and whether we could help him. He said now was not a great time and asked if we could come back another time. We realized that after his girlfriend slipped by us, she walked down the street to where his car was parked and stole it. Normally, people's excuses for not wanting to talk are pretty weak, but I've got to give it to Jamaal that having your car stolen by your girlfriend is a pretty good one. That's the first time I've had someone's car stolen while on a door approach. About an hour later we were walking back by, and Jamaal was there arguing with his girlfriend and trying to get his keys back. So I guess at least he got her to come back. Prayers for my guy Jamaal.

We were driving down the street with the other Passaic missionaries on our way to get groceries when Elder Sansom said,"I love Jersey in the morning. That guy is literally walking his microwave." He pointed out a man who was casually walking down the street, dragging a microwave along behind him by the end of it's power cord. I hope his microwave is healthy.

A couple of weeks ago, I was on exchange when we got a flat tire at like 8:00 on our way back to grab my stuff to switch back. We were out there struggling for a while because the car kept rolling and the jack kept tilting, and it was freezing cold. I was hoping for some good Samaritan to come along, when a man walked up. He looked at the car, then at us, then said, "Well dat blows. It's too cowld tah git a flat." Then he took a drag from his blunt and walked away without looking back. I love New Jersey.
I'm even more behind on individual email responses, so I apologize for that! I hope that in the next couple weeks with our normal Pdays I'll be able to reply more one-on-one! 
Much love,

Elder Kai Reyes

Part of the reason I didn’t write last week!

Part of the reason I didn’t write last week!

Pretzels, Programming, and Proselytizing

Le va?

This week has had some weird stuff happen it. We've been hustling a whole lot still every day which has made time go by pretty fast, and we also had a lot of lessons with less-active members and a couple of our more interested people we're teaching.

We finally got into Wander's door! We had a pretty great lesson with him about the Book of Mormon, and it was hilarious because after talking about what it was, we showed him one of the illustrations from it (Christ ministering with the Nephites). He felt like it was familiar, and we pointed out that he had the same picture in his living room because he had stuck a pass-along card (little cards we hand out about Gospel topics) with the same picture in the corner of the frame of one of the other paintings in his living room! So we just pointed at it, and he was super confused and astonished. He went and picked it up and looked at the back and there was a picture of the Book of Mormon on it. He didn't remember ever receiving it and he had had it there in his living room for a long time. We have another appointment with him tonight.

I'm the pretzel master.

I'm the pretzel master.

While buying groceries, I bought a family pack of 18 jumbo pretzels. Some of the other Elders (mostly Elder Barrett) were making fun of me because they just thought I was shopping hungry (which was true), but they underestimated how much I like soft pretzels because I ate six of them by the end of the day. I had 8 left by Tuesday, and then I started rationing them out throughout the week. It's become a pretty big inside joke because we had a call with the other Elders in Passaic in the evening and got to tell Elder Barrett that I had already eaten a third of the bag. When I ran out of pretzels, I started on the 4lb bag of hash browns that I had. I bought more pretzels today, but I need to be a little more creative with my cooking.


We had a really interesting lesson with Mayra! It was my first time meeting her. She's a really sweet, shy older Dominican lady who seems to really love what we're teaching. Elder Sansom and Elder McClusky (we were on exchange last time) asked her to read the first chapter of the Book of Mormon and when we talked to her she said that she hadn't read very much of it because she has a hard time reading, but that she'd listened to the first eight chapters on tape. She came to church yesterday, stayed the whole time, and met a lot of the ward members which was awesome. That lesson was really interesting though because of two things:

1. She brought her friend Jose who said he wanted to hear the charlas (lessons), and he was into it at first but then half way through told us that he was an old man and had to sleep and stood up and left.

2. She wanted help with a legal issue, and spent a good amount of time describing it, and then told us that there wasn't really anything that we could do about it, but she went into great detail. We didn't really know how to help her, but she showed us a bunch of documents and pictures she had taken. I walked out of that lesson not really sure what had happened.


Wednesday was fun! We had a lesson with a member named Lizbeth who's a really nice lady. She and Elder Barrett have a faux rivalry because he's only got two transfers left in his mission, but he only joined the Spanish program like 6 or 7 weeks ago. He was an English Elder before that, but was moved to the Spanish program after some people got shuffled around, so he barely knows any Spanish, which the members all think is hilarious. Lizbeth calls him "gringo" (pejorative for a non-native person, specifically white people) because he can't speak any Spanish, and he calls her "chacha" (which basically means maid) because she used to hang out at another member family's house (Martin and Guille) and they started teasingly calling her that. It's really funny to see that interaction at church when she says "See you gringo!" and he goes "Bye chacha!" She and Guille also have a competition to see who cooks the best, which is really hard when you're the missionary that is supposed to be the judge while each is urging you to tell the other that they cook the best.

Since that lesson she's been trying to get us to record a voice clip saying that she's the better cook by messaging us on Facebook. We sent her one that said "You cook really well!" but she wasn't satisfied with that.

I also taught my first English class! It was pretty hard to get into the mindset of teaching English to Spanish after learning and teaching Spanish to English for so long, but it was a lot of fun! It was also nice to see that most of Hispanos here were struggling as much with English as I was/am with Spanish.


We had our Coordination meeting with Hermano Munoz. He served us Mexican hot chocolate and toast afterwards which was super good. We finished weekly planning in a record amount of time: 2 hours and 40 minutes. The fastest yet.

Elder Sansom had to go to another area to do a baptismal interview, but we had two important lessons that night, so we did a small 3 hour exchange with the Assistants (Missionaries who are Assistants to the Mission President). We had a great lesson with a member named Mauro, and then another with the part member family of Jorge Miguel Castillo (mbr.), his wife Josefina (not), and her parents, Luisa and Hector (not). 
We helped the Facebook Elders with some spreadsheet stuff for their Instagram statistics, and while talking to them, I mentioned that I code and know spreadsheet stuff after they asked me about it. One of the Facebook Elders was super excited, and told me that he and Elder Sansom had talked a lot about that a few months ago when they didn't know who was going to take over for E. Sansom when he left. He said that E. Sansom didn't really know and didn't have an answer, but said he was going to pray a lot about it. He did, and didn't get an immediate answer so they were starting to get worried when all of a sudden I appeared as his trainee.

We took some dedicated time to fix the spreadsheet for the Facebook Elders while I started to learn the code for the Facebook add-on. That took a while, but we added some new features for them in the spreadsheet, and I got an elementary walk through of what everything does and how it works. 
Afterwards, we put up a bunch of fliers for our free English class. We can't do it on Main street really, because there's a massive English class over there that takes down our fliers. They charge $50+ a class and ours is free, so it seems really scummy that they're so territorial, but we get plenty of people anyway. At one four way intersection a decent ways away from main, there was a guy on the other side diagonally who was handing out flyers for that other English class company. We were worried he was going to take our flyer down right after we put it up, so we just wrapped the flier like 3 times over with packing tape. He didn't really see us or pay attention to us, but our flyers keep disappearing, so we just wanted to be safe.


We had an exchange with the other Elders in Passaic. I went with Elder Harding on the other side of Main, while Elder Barrett went with Elder Sansom on our side. Elder Harding and Elder Barrett are super great guys. They're very different, and it's a hilarious Penn and Teller type thing, where Elder Harding is pretty reserved and circumspect but sharp and witty, and Elder Barrett is super hyper and outgoing but doesn't speak any Spanish. Elder Harding and I had a great lesson with one of the people that they're teaching, and went around street contacting and putting up fliers in their area. It was hilarious because down the street from their house was a bunch of people who had set up DJ equipment and loud speakers in front of a closed down house, and were blasting music from 10 am to when I left the area at 8 pm. I'll see if I can put some video attached or on my blog. When we walked past they were trying to get us to dance, but we didn't really have time to bust a move for some drunk people having an all day party, haha.


Yesterday was pretty cold. We were greeting people at the door of the chapel and that was pretty much the first thing out of their mouths every time. Like I mentioned before, Mayra came and enjoyed it, so that was good. Knocking doors after sundown in the cold was not quite as heartwarming, or hand-warming, or just warming in general, but we found a family who seemed very interested in our message, and we also got to teach a great lesson to a large 7th Day Adventist family, which was pretty interesting.

At the end of the night, I worked on doing some "wax on, wax off" style code training with Elder Sansom where I just helped write a little bit of code for the add-on that turns the Facebook top bar from blue to whatever you input as your "favorite color" in the add-on options. I'm starting to finally get it!


I bought more pretzels and hash browns (and some stuff to make trash hash). We did laundry, ate lunch, and I've been writing emails (I'm really behind on responding to emails and letters, so if I haven't replied yet, I promise I'm working on it) and working on blog stuff! (The email signup should work 100% now, so if anyone isn't getting emails who wants to be, please point them to kaireyes.com)

It really feels like the ball is starting to get rolling, and we're talking to so many great people that this week has just flown by. I can't believe I've already been out for two months! They say it just gets faster, and I almost can't believe that. Week 9/100 down. Wow. It feels like I left yesterday.

Can't wait to write another email next week and have it feel like tomorrow!

- Elder Kai Reyes

Pictures (In no particular order because Gmail hates me):
1. After a very intense doctrinal discussion, we went into General and Special Relativity because Elder Sansom is very good at math, and I was very curious about a lot of things. I included some of the notes he made to help me.

2. My English is really really degrading. I spent a good 2 minutes trying to figure out what "ploon-hay" meant in Spanish on this soda. Turns out it's just "plunge" in English.

3. A picture of Elder Harding taking a picture of Elder Barrett through Elder Sansom's phone when we left our phones out during English class and left the room for a sec to print things off.

4. I forgot to put the ones last week on of the tricked-out Honda Odyssey, so I included some there. I really love the spoiler.

5-6. More Honda. Please note the tricked out rims, the dropped front, and the hard-to-see custom front emblem that was a red chrome "w".

Plugged In

Hi everyone! This is going to be a pretty short post even though there's been a lot of stuff happening, because, well, we've been so busy that I haven't had time to write it all down as it happened, and we've had a lot to get done today as well!

I'm going to focus mostly on this last weekend, because that's when most of the exciting stuff started!


We had an amazing lesson with a less active member who was a referral. Elder Sansom referred to it as "textbook" and said that he's only had maybe 1 or 2 other ones that went that well. We switched off, citing scriptures and bearing testimony and the Spirit was really strong. Upon leaving that appointment, I was at such a Spiritual high that I was definitely starting to get why everyone says you never want to come home!

On our way back to the apartment, E. Sansom stopped and felt prompted to knock a door that we were next to. A man named "Wander" opened it up and talked to us a bit. He's got a really crazy schedule, and we've never actually gotten into his house, but we keep giving him challenges to read different parts of the Book of Mormon and he keeps achieving them and having more questions. We joked that if we had to teach every lesson via a 45 second door contact, I guess we'd be happy to do it. 

I also got certified to do online proselyting, which we do through Facebook as some of you may have seen on there. I can't really look at anyone's posts (part of the app that Elder Sansom made shows even your newsfeed all together so that you can focus), and I can't chat with anyone from home, but I can add friends. Our Facebook proselyting involves using the program that Elder Sansom made, which lets you search by area and by different criteria (for example, people from Puebla, Mexico, people from Santo Domingo, people who have listed "Spanish" as a language), then there's another button that will click every single "Add Friend" button on the results page for you. 

We go through, messaging pretty much everybody and try to steer the conversation towards the Gospel as quickly as possible, though we definitely get to know some really cool people! We've even run into some of them walking on the street and recognized them from chatting with them! It's apparently been just as effective or slightly more effective than knocking doors has been for finding people who are interested in our mission. That's good, because we got whitewashed into this area, meaning that both of us are new, and we didn't have anybody who the previous missionaries there were teaching, so we've had to start pretty much from scratch. We do have one couple who had been taught before who want to be baptized really bad, but we're still trying to help them get to church. 

Anyway, sitting in a McDonalds for the free wifi and talking to confused people on Facebook in Spanish has been a pretty funny means of trying to find people to teach.


Friday was Zone Conference! It was really cool to be able to meet everyone in the zone. We had some really great talks, and took a group photo! I'll try and get it on this email, but if not I'll upload it to my blog later.


I went on my first exchange to Patterson! I was with one of our Zone Leaders, Elder Risenmay, who's a great guy and has been in Patterson long enough to know the tricks of getting around. That's good because Patterson is also the sketchiest place in our mission. People in our mission joke about wanting to go to Patterson to get a "Patterson-esque" story. It was recommended that I bring a wallet that didn't have anything in it... just in case.

It turned out to be really good though! We taught some personal English classes and met a lot of the people they're teaching there who are all really close to baptism! We met a member lady there who served a mission in Peru way back in the day, and she didn't have time to cook before we got there so she got us Burger King. We ate Whoppers and drank Inca Kola while she showed us mission pictures! It was a great time!


We finally met our ward! It was great, but it was a little sad to see that we only really have one active family from our area. We asked one of the other missionaries who'd been in Passaic for a while which families were our area and which were not, and he pointed out one family and then was stumped. We have a lot of inactive families and members, but trying to get the ward to focus on them (because our job is mostly finding new people) has been difficult at times. We still have great hope though!

Apologies for the short email after such a long one last time, but we've got an appointment soon with Wander. Hopefully things will settle a little in the coming week so that I can keep a better record of it and send it all out next week!

Much love,

Elder Kai Reyes


It's apparently common to see Elmo strapped to the front of trucks. This was my first time.

Also, an attempt at cooking for myself. Not bad?