Conference, 56 Tacos, and Balling

Happy Monday everybody!

I hope you all had a great weekend and a great Conference! I absolutely loved it.

This was a pretty awesome week for us! Luz came to conference and loved it, and we went and watched it at Marbeny's house. (We thought it was Marlene but apparently it's Marbeny and she's just never said anything until we gave her a blessing when she showed us her full name on her mail.) Anyway, she loved it too.

We found a really cool lady named Luisa, and we're really thankful to Heavenly Father for that! She let us in while we were knocking doors and it was the first time that Elder Kelsey had been let into a house while door knocking. It was coincidentally also probably the last door we were going to knock before watching Conference on Sunday morning.

We had a District P-day today where we went and got $1 a piece tacos. I was the first to order. I ordered 9 tacos. No regrets. 3 other Elders then also ordered 9 tacos. We had 8 missionaries and we ended up ordering 56 tacos total which was pretty awesome. We played basketball and chair soccer afterwards which was awesome. Elder Kelsey is pretty good at basketball so it was fun to see him drop some threes on people. It was also great to see my former companion (Elder Rasband, who's great at basketball as well) play him, even though Elder Rasband was playing on a recently sprained ankle.

We've got some appointments tonight which should be pretty awesome. Missionary work is super awesome.

Love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Reyes