The Bieb Room

Hello all!

This week had some fun crazy highlights and some awesome miracles!

This week we had exchanges with the English Elders. I was in the English area with Elder Lacanienta while Elder Taggart and Elder Winters had some cool miracles in our area.

Elder Lacanienta told me that I met all the weirdest people that they know. I can't tell if he was excited about that or apologetic. I had a great time.

We got a call from a less active member for "help moving a table," so we went over to his house after lunch. His walls (and ceilings) are plastered with posters of Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Seinfield, and hundreds of other celebrities. He has the pictures of all of the missionaries who have been to his house up as well. He has a specific room affectionately called the "Bieb Room" with even more Bieber memorabilia including cardboard cutouts and signed Jerseys. Turns out he needed help moving the table so that he could put a ladder in its place. This was because he had just acquired a glorious new poster of Justin Bieber, and wanted to mount it to the ceiling of said "Bieb Room". He was struggling, and a rather short fellow, so he insisted that yours truly do the honors. So, I struggled for like 20 minutes trying to tack a poster of Justin Bieber to this man's ceiling. I will attach pictures. He gave me a signed picture of himself as a child. 


We had an amazing miracle while on exchange. We had been knocking gringo doors all day which was pretty discouraging. We had a loose appointment at the end of the night and when we got there he had juked. Another guy answered the door and told us he wasn't interested and couldn't receive us anyway because he was eating dinner with his family. We asked if he knew anyone else that might be interested in our message, and he pointed out a couple of houses. We went to the first one and knocked it. A guy came out and said that he couldn't listen to our message right now because he was just sitting down with his family for dinner. We were persistent, and bore testimony about the importance of our message and how it could help his family and help him find more happiness. He thought for a moment and said:

"Well... are you hungry?" 

We said, "Absolutely!" 

So we went in and taught his family (his wife spoke Spanish and had recently seen 17 Miracles and loved it). 

As we left, he walked us to the door and told us "I feel like God has been speaking to me a lot recently. He says 'no' a lot when I'm messing up, but he also says 'go help this person' or 'go do that'. It's been very humbling." 

I asked him "I have a question. Did he tell you to let us in?"

He thought for a moment and then nodded, "I know he did."

It was a miracle for me.  

We also had a District P-day today which was awesome! We went bowling and got Peruvian food which was awesome!

Other fun things:

We saw a really unsubtle, over-complicated drug deal yesterday.

Elder Taggart accidentally knocked the nose off of a porcelain garden gnome, and then had to explain it to the Latino whose house it was (he doesn't speak Spanish).

We found some really cool people this week:

Margot (pronounced MarGOAT):

Elder Winters and Elder Taggart found this lady who practically wants to baptize herself right now. She was asking them about a lot of different doctrinal topics. Do you do baptisms? Yes we do! Do you pay tithing? Yes we do! Do you keep the commandments? Yes we do!


Sergio called us out of the blue and said that he wants help in having more light in his life. Apparently the last Elders taught him twice, and then he told them that he wasn't very interested. He told us that he is willing to do whatever he needs to feel more peace and less darkness in his life and that he thought of the past Elders as soon as he started going through hard times because he knew they were real messengers of God. He said he knows that we can help him and that we're angels sent from God to help him in this time of his life, and he wants to get closer to God. He also told us that he needs our help, because he just got a new tattoo that he feels really bad about getting and wants our help finding a place that he can get it laser removed because he doesn't speak English very well. He seems very humble and very repentant right now, and I just want to help him feel better.

Cristian: Came to church again! 

Today's spiritual thought is about miracles. The miracles that we've seen this week have been really great, especially during the hard times of lots and lots of rejections. We've been trying some different finding approaches too which is fun. 

I promise that miracles still happen. Satan tends to attack us right before they happen, so a lot of the time they come right after we push through when things seem super hard or we feel really bad. If you're having a really bad morning, it's probably because something really incredible is about to happen.

I bear that as my testimony as something that I've learned out here from a lot of experience, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

See you all next week! 

Elder Kai Reyes

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