Motown Chapter 2

Hi everyone! Happy April Fools!

The last couple weeks have been great! We've been working really hard and trying to clean out our records and getting our District and Zone hyped up.

My new companion, Elder Rasband (Answer to your question: yes, his grandpa's cousin), is awesome. He loves golfing, shooting, and is a really powerful teacher. He's from Alpine Utah. He's pretty straightforward and great at focusing on priorities instead of dancing around issues. We're doing a lot of good work.   

This week we had a lot of passing by people who had been taught by missionaries before and trying to filter out who was interested and who wasn't from the people that we were teaching. We've cut a lot of people out. 

We found a couple of awesome families this week though! We're super excited because they seem very prepared and also cook really good baleadas. 

I also contacted a guy in Russian this week. He and his friend are from Ukraine and we got his friend's contact info and gave him a Ukrainian Book of Mormon! 

We're really excited for Conference this week! We're going to try to get some people to watch it with us!

We went mini-golfing today and it was super fun! Elder Rasband loves golf so we dressed up in our golf gear and went out, but their course was pretty muddy so we went for some mini-golf instead. I'm terrible at golfing, but not bad at mini-golf, so I had a ton of fun and actually pulled out a W. 

Other than that, I'm doing really well! I'm gearing up for this week when we're going to start finding more people really hard. I'm really psyched to work. 

Big email next week post-conference!

Have a great week!