Another Quick Update

This week was pretty great! It was awesome to have people so focused on Christ with Easter. We had a lot of fun this week in making some trainings about how to use Facebook to talk to people as missionaries, as well as contacting people in fun new ways.

One of the companionships in our district challenged us to sing with 3 people that we contacted, so we did! We sang Jesus Es Mi Luz with a man who we contacted who turned out to be a less active member of the church. The missionary who taught him most passed away fairly recently, and so when we let him pick the hymn, he chose that one because he used to sing it with her. It was a really amazing moment to sing the hymn together with this man and see how many memories it brought back for him as he sang the words. 

We had another contact where we sang Asombro Me Da (I Stand All Amazed). We had seen him around before and just walked up and asked him if he wanted to sing a hymn with us. He was totally down and it was hilarious because there were a ton of other people by us, and he wasn't exactly sure what was happening, but he felt the Spirit and gave us his phone number and address to come visit him. 

We've also got another challenge currently out from another companionship that is to get someone we're contacting to do a push-up with us and talk about Faith. It's honestly been refreshing to have some variety.

We're still teaching Felipe, though he's not showing a ton of progress (though he finally did read). We're also teaching the Claros-Acosta family and the Canterero family.

That's pretty much it for this one! Spiritual thought this week is about Easter. We have a lot of people who talk about how much faith in Christ they have, but then balk at doing the things that they need to do because they feel like it will be to hard. I just bear my testimony that if Christ could overcome death, then he has power to overcome the challenges that we face everyday in our progression towards God.

Love you all!

Elder Kai Reyes