Small Weekly Email

I've had a really good week! Things are picking up a little bit. We picked up a few new people this week that I'm excited about. One was Kike (Key-kay) who is a boss and just a super sweet guy who wants to change his life. He was waiting at the door for us to arrive and was all smiles telling us about how he feels so much better praying every night. The other is Ana and her son Giancarlo who had a baptismal date before and are referrals from the Relief Society President. 

Elder Rasband and I still click really well and we both work really hard. We got a new Senior Couple in our branch which will be awesome. They're super nice. They're going to be working in the office so we'll probably go train them in some different things there this week. 

The weather has been pretty great here which is nice. People are a lot more friendly when it's sunny outside. It's also much easier to contacting when everyone's out and about. 

I went on exchange again this week with our Zone Leader Elder Kim, who's dying (going home) at the next transfer. It was pretty fun. Two little kids wanted to help us knock doors and hand out pass-along cards while we were knocking their street. They were showing us different peoples' houses and knocking the doors. They were running up to people and handing them cards. It was hot outside and towards the end they disappeared and reappeared with Otter Pops for us. 

We had a member who told us that because of our lesson and advice to her, she's going to get her patriarchal blessing, which was super cool. 

All the members loved my bag too which was awesome.

Doing lots of member work, had interviews with President Hess, so that was good.

We were feeling pretty bummed last night because we finally were able to make contact with this less active who was a super strong member before and fellowshipped like 25 people, most of whom are also members now. He basically said he knows he's going to come back some day but just distanced himself from the church. He said he still has a testimony of everything and doesn't really have a reason for leaving. He said that he's not coming back right now though. He doesn't even want us to visit him. He's a young guy, and it was super sad. He said the only thing wrong that he's doing is not coming to church.

Were gonna keep working on him.