Short update:

We've talked to a couple of cool people this week. It's been pretty crazy now that we cover both the Spanish Branch and the English Ward. It's been a good excuse to knock more hood areas because we get to teach everyone we come in contact to instead of having to refer the English speakers to the other missionaries.

Some cool people we talked to this week:

Walmer: Jenny's second oldest son. He's super golden. We met him and taught him on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday back to back to back. He's already reading and marking up his Book of Mormon and asking us a lot of different questions. He's college age and school is starting up this week so we're hoping to be able to squeeze in his schedule.

Gerald: Not a member. He's already read the Book of Mormon 3 times and just finished D&C and loved it. He says he knows it's true and wants to be baptized and his family to be baptized but they make up a large part of their current church and feel guilty leaving it.

Miriam: From Holland. Super nice. Meeting her this week.

Fun thing this week:

I saw fireflies for the first time and my brain broke. I just sat there staring at them. I thought people had some really elaborate lawn decorations or something and Elder Rasband was just laughing and asking me if I was okay. Fireflies are pretty awesome.

Spiritual thought is about forgiveness. We've been helping members be closer to their families and each other and one of the biggest things is just forgiving others and giving them a chance to have had changed. Forgiving others takes a weight off of ourselves as well.

Hope you're all well!

Elder Reyes