One Year Left D:

This week has been pretty awesome. We had a ton of different appointments which was pretty fun. Not a whole lot of new stuff to report, but we met some interesting people. A couple of people came to church this week! They are:


1. Luis - An awesome Peruvian guy who used to be a surgeon. He's an older gentleman who had been going to church in Peru for like 25 years but was never baptized. He told us that he's already taken the lessons 2 or 3 times and he just wants to be baptized now. We're going to review the lessons and set a date pretty soon.

2. Elvis - Yes, like Presley. He's an awesome Dominican man who we've never even had to ask to come to church. He comes by himself because he likes it. We did a lesson with him in his friend who's a member's house and he had a great time. He came to church again this week.

One funny thing that happened this week was that a group of older Hispanic guys stopped us. One of them said, "Your guys' boss is smart, putting you in pairs of one Hispanic and one Gringo like this." It was hilarious spending 5 minutes just trying to convince this guy that I'm not a native Hispanic. He didn't believe me and was like "No. You have a Hispanic accent, not like gringos and you have a Spanish last name."

He was not convinced. I tried really hard. It was a great confidence booster. We made some Lomo Saltado this week which was real good too.

We met a blind Colombian man who was awesome and super happy and wanted to learn. He lives a block outside of our area, so we had to give him to the other missionaries, but are super excited for him.

We're super excited and preparing for Elder Renlund to come this Friday and Saturday. We're going to have a great time.

We taught some great lessons this week, but not a whole lot of new people. We're still teaching Marlene, Luz, and trying to meet with the Mendozas. I'll include pics from the view from Marlene's apartment because it's awesome and a couple of other photos.

Hope you all have a great week!